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Memory Technology Reports
Reports on current memory trends: applications, technology, architecture & reliability

IoT Applications for Embedded NVM, May 2019

Developments in Non-Volatile Embedded Memories, March 2019
 (RRAM, CB-RAM, PCM, FeFET, FRAM, MRAM. CT, Organic, Foundries)

3D RRAM Cross-Point Arrays, September 2018
(Applications, Technology, Circuits, Selectors, 3D modeling, Thermal Characterization, Monolithic integration)

Security Issues for Processors with Memory, June 2018
(Embedded Key Storage, memory PUFs, security in image processing, external attacks on IoT Chips with eMemory, hardware and software Trojans, secure mobile and main memory subsystems, volatile memory attacks. Tracking secure chips, Security on IoT devices using energy harvesting and Security against side channel attacks)

Technology & Applications for Embedded MRAM, March 2018


Our latest book: Memories for the Intelligent Internet of Things, Wiley, July 2018

Also Vertical 3D Memory Technologies, Wiley, Sept. 2014

Our Technical Market Reports include coverage of many of the hundreds of research papers and technical articles published each year in the areas of technology that we review. They cover one to two years or more and include complete bibliographies so the original papers of interest are easy to locate. They provide an easy way for the busy researcher or research management to keep up to date on the latest technology in their field or closely related fields.

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